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ProPulse Baghouse Pleated Bag Filters

Save time and money by replacing your old bags with new and improved pleated bag filters.

6 Reasons to Switch
  1. 2X the filtration area for increased capacity - pleated media reduces air-to-cloth ratio, allowing a greater volume of air flow and more complete product pick-up
  2. Surface-loading performance - particulate pulses off the surface layer while the media remains clean. (Standard filter bags with polyester felt media allow dust to embed deep within the media substrate.)
  3. Lower initial and operating pressure drop
  4. Easier pulse cleaning for lower compressed-air costs - unlike depth-loading filters that require intensive cleaning and frequent replacement due to abrasion and mechanical fatigue
  5. Shorter filters to reduce abrasion from inlet
  6. Compact size to speed removal and installation - ProPulse filters require no cages or straps, so can be installed in minutes by one person

Pleated bag filters offer up to twice the filtration area as traditional baghouse bag filters, thereby increasing the capacity and efficiency of your baghouse-style dust collector. You'll work with greater productivity, reduce your employees' exposure to airborne dust, and save money in replacement and operating costs.

Spun-bound polyester media with surface-loading characteristics and a lower air-to-cloth ration boost efficiency, reduce emissions and lengthen filter service life compared to standard depth-loading felt media. Surface loading allows ProPulse pleated bag filters to capture finer particulate more effectively, along with offering superior release characteristics during pulse-cleaning cycles. Changeout is also faster and less demanding with ProPulse filters: One person can install them in just minutes.

ProPulse filter technology is available for most brands of baghouse collectors. They come in top and bottom load options, and they fit most standard tubesheet designs.

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