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Dust Collector Filters - The Untold Story

There are four major dust collector filter manufacturers in the U.S and they produce the majority of filters sold in both the United States and overseas. These manufacturers are ISO-rated, highly regarded for their quality and Air Cleaning Specialists Inc., represents them all.

While most dust collector companies don't make their own filters and are not in the filter production business, they do profit from them. ACS cuts out the middleman, to provide our customers with the same filters at more affordable costs.

When you buy from Air Cleaning Specialists, there is an excellent chance that the replacement dust collector filters you purchase came from the same manufacturing line as the OEM cartridge.

Did you know that 99% of all ACS filters are made directly to the specifications of the OEM? The missing 1% is due to rare cases, such as with the Farr Gold Series where we are unable to manufacture the inner cone due to a current patent.

Before we begin selling any filter, we put them through rigorous long-term testing to ensure they will perform, the same, or better than the OEM. If our replacement dust collector filters do not perform as well or better than the OEM, we offer a replacement. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by calling (866) 651-9763 or emailing info@aircleaningspecialists.com

Simply put... you get the same filter for less money. GUARANTEED, or your money back!